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Sorry, There Are Some Fees
How Much Bankruptcy Costs

The Bankruptcy Court charges filing fees as follows:

· For a Chapter 7 case, $335
· For a Chapter 13 case, $310

The Court also has a shopping list of other miscellaneous fees.

Congress also thinks you need credit counseling.The law requires you to obtain pre-filing credit counseling, a briefing from an approved non-profit credit counseling agency, and a post-filing education course from an approved provider. Fees for the briefing and course vary, but $60 or less is a typical total. In cases involving very low income debtors, the agency will sometimes waive the fee altogether.

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Why Pick Me?

I was awarded my undergraduate degree from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and my law degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. During law school, I was a member of the Law Review and have two published notes.

I opened my office in Augusta in 1979, and have been doing only bankruptcy cases since the mid-80's. You would think that an attorney who has been practicing for 40 years should know more than an attorney with only 10 years experience, but this is not always the case. There are some attorneys who have practiced bankruptcy law for many years, but have never really mastered the subject. There are other attorneys who have pursued a general practice, filing a bankruptcy case now and then.

Bankruptcy 101: An Intro

Bankruptcy is a federal law, administered by the United States Bankruptcy Courts which are technically a part of the United States District Courts. Bankruptcy law is complex and, therefore, I think, a speciality. The following is an explanation of personal bankruptcy in a tiny nutshell:

  • Basic Information – A really quick overview of bankruptcy.
  • Fees – How much bankruptcy costs.
  • Lawyers – Whether you need a lawyer and the cost of a lawyer.
  • Chapter 7 – Information about Chapter 7 “Liquidations".
  • Chapter 13 – Information about Chapter 13 repayment plans.
  • Things You Must Not Do – a compilation of no-no's for people thinking about filing bankruptcy.
  • I've Heard That… Bankruptcy Myths.