Benefits Of Getting a Lawyer Over Settling with Collectors

We help you solve bad debt problems.

When you are running out of options you sometimes don’t know who to ask for help. Debt is an overwhelming problem that most Americans go through in their lives. Most Americans start suffering from debt when they graduate from college. From student loans, credit card debt, personal loans, getting in debt is pretty easy.

If you are constantly feeling overwhelmed from the debt in your life it’s important you make the right decision of working with a lawyer instead of settling with collectors. There are many benefits of opting for a lawyer instead of debt collecting agencies such as:

Lawyers Won’t Deliver False Statistics of Your Case

Debt collection agencies won’t make it public, however, some of them present misleading statistics that make customers seem like there is nothing wrong. Lawyers are able to provide real results by helping you file for the right bankruptcy that works for you.

No Fees Will Appear Out of Nowhere 

Debt collection agencies somethings choose to leave out a detail that a certain percentage of what they collect they will take as their fee. Lee Ringler Law Offices works with transparency and won’t make fees magically appear for their customers.

Find The Right Bankruptcy Chapter For You

Lawyers help customers that are deeply struggling with debt and help them choose which bankruptcy chapter is the best depending on their situation. Our expert lawyers work with the two types of bankruptcy known as Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Experience for Many Years 

Our lawyers have the experience you need. We have been working with bankruptcy cases since 1979. When you have a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer to help you with your case, you won’t have to fear or making a wrong decision. Our team is there to help you out in every step of the way.