Bankruptcy Attorney in Martinez, GA

Bankruptcy Attorney in Martinez, GA

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Martinez, GA, is a suburb of Augusta, GA. Its Columbia County location affords its residents access to highly ranked Columbia County schools, while still allowing access to downtown Augusta in less than 20 minutes. Martinez gained its name from the large plantation located in what is present-day Martinez owned by José Martínez y Saldivar. The land for the plantation was purchased in 1869. The plantation maintained prominence well into the early 1900s, with all four of Martinez’s daughters marrying wealthy men. Today, the plantation is a mere 20 acres, but the area’s name – Martinez – speaks to local history. However, contrary to the more popular pronunciation of the name, the area is known to local residents as “Martin-ez” instead of “Mar-teen-ez”.

Martinez is home to many residential areas, but it is also home to busy stretch of businesses on Furys Ferry Road, including Earthfare, Publix, multiple medical office buildings and a variety of local businesses. Martinez is also home to Reed Creek Interpretive Center, a nature park, as well as Savannah Rapids Park, the latter of which provides more than 33 acres of trails and greenspace adjacent to the Augusta Canal. Many area residents spend time at the park to walk, run, bicycle or explore the area.